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As a conference or special event presenter, Doris Aldrich brings a fresh and humorous approach to
the challenges facing local faith-based community service efforts, at home and abroad.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Pioneer Award
Chamber of Commerce Athena Award Nominee

Doris Aldrich received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Pioneer Award from The Athens Area Human Relations Councils, Inc. (AAHRC) in recognition of Mrs. Aldrich's work as founder of Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service (PALS), a community service program in Athens, Georgia, and for honoring her years of faithful service to women and children worldwide, through the work of Women to the World.

Women to the World has measured successful results, providing developmental services to suffering women and children in developing nations since 1985. Major awards are granted in support of Women to the World's work in Afghanistan.

PALS is a division of Women to the World, an International Christian service organization ,founded in Athens, Georgia. PALS began a technical training program for adult women and single mothers in January 2007 , and additionally offers GED training and completion testing at no cost to enrollees. This program provides practical educational support for women who desire additional tools in their struggle to overcome poverty or difficulties rising from cruel personal circumstances. Each student is assigned a mentor, and the PALS women progress through individualized training at their own pace.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Pioneer Award was presented by the AAHRC at the 30th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Awards Ceremonial Dinner , January 17.

AAHRC's Mission: Promoting a better quality of life for all mankind. Please visit for more information.

Mrs. Aldrich is also an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary, International. As Founder of PALS, Partnering Ambassador for Life and Service, Doris Aldrich is in close contact with suffering women in her local community, as well as building permanent and positive relationships throughout the developing world.